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About Us

At True Changes, we can make real and lasting changes in your child’s behaviors and skills, which will lead to maximum success in life.   

We serve Brooklyn, and accept most insurance plans.  For more information, call or contact us below.

True Changes Behavior Therapy Logo no words.jpg

Our Mission

  • To improve quality of life

  • To decrease problematic behaviors

  • To increase acceptable behaviors

  • To teach valuable skills

  • To promote independence

True Changes Behavior Therapy Logo no words.jpg


“Thank you for all your hard work on planning [X]’s treatment. She has come a really long way over the last year and I am very grateful for all you have done for us.”

“...his progress is from ABA therapy under your guidance”

“I truly, sincerely value your work, I am so in awe of your dedication.”

“I have to say thanks again for all you did and are doing for [Y]. Really grateful. If you think this is out of the blue, it is! Never a time when I can’t say thanks... when I think of all the progress [Y] is making, you immediately come to mind!” 


Below are graphs from actual cases.  The progress made is steady, and matches the child's pace.  Goals are made, and then met.  Good communication skills and habits are mastered while problematic behaviors are reduced and extinguished. 

targets mastered.png
graph green red.png

Hey Mary...  it went great.  [X] is already starting to make progress...  I'm so happy I chose you guys thank you so much"

“You really should get the BCBA award if there was one because I didn’t think it was possible to get rid of X’s aggressive behavior towards Y or their sleep problems. You really are the best.”

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